16 May

Jeffrey Campbell is definitely the freaking best! :)


I haven’t bought any shoes for the past couple of months and it’s because my Mom said that I have way too many shoes already… :| You can’t have enough shoes, Mommy! :|

Anyway, I’ve always been wanting a pair of Jeffrey Campbell. However, the ones that I’ve been lusting for are all sold out. *heartbreak*

Here are the top five pretty ones that I’ve always been oogling online for:

This was one of the first heel-less heels I’ve ever and I just feel in love with it.

I find this very seductive. Just look at those curves!

Actually, I saw something very similar to this for a cheaper price and I’m thinking of getting that. But … so much to choose from. It’s so hard to make a final decision. I want them all!

Janylin has something similar to this but I never got it yet…

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BTS Girls just wanna have fun :)

9 Mar

Here are some of the behind the scene photos last Tuesday. Apparently, my colleagues and I dressed up for our long overdue Lookbook photo shoot thing. Inggit sa mga boss eh :)) Anyway, the photos are still raw and I don’t know if we’ll still have it edited or something, but I will definitely blog about this over the weekend :)Image


Direk/HMUA Mickey on the go! :)


Hi Juls! :)


L-R Nhykie, Jinky, Mickey, Apple


Super Sale Bazaar 2012 fevaaahhh

4 Mar

Apparently, Carz, Nhykie, Mickey, and I went to the Super Sale Bazaar on it’s first day. So right after work, we all headed to the World Trade Center an hour and 30 minutes before its closing time. Yes, we shopped for only less than a couple of hours and we didn’t regret that! Coz if we went there hours earlier, we could’ve spent all the money we earned the previous cut-off!

We were actually one of the lucky ones to get free tickets from Deal Dozen so yeah! :))

The first booth we visited was Laureen Uy’s. Sad that she wasn’t there anymore :| But we were lucky enough to spot Anagon! :)


One of the sweetest bloggers ever! She kept saying thank you :D

Here are some more photos of us while shopping


With the best shopping buddy ever! Thanks Nhyks for keeping us away from expensive finds!


The last photo we had inside the bazaar coz we’re in a rush to shop more like that! :D


From Sophie’s Mom! Look how I went crazy after munching on em!! :D

So after the tiring but fun shopping with my crazy shopping buddies, we all bombarded our tummies with good food at Pizza Hut Blue Wave.

Get a dose of our vanity while waiting for our food to be served.


Our Super Sale Bazaar stamp! :)


Nhyks, Carz, and I. So Mickey, who was with us when we left LKG, was then MIA. Hohoho Unfriend, Block, Unfollow!! :D


I just adore Carz’ new bracelet from the bazaar! I regret not getting it for myself!


I’ll miss you Carz! More shopping bonding next time okay? Distance is never a hindrance. Always remember that!

Nothing beats spending Friday nights with the best people ever :) Thank you, Lord!

Saturrific 38th :)

4 Mar

Yesterday was one of those once-in-a-blue-moon days where we get the chance to spend our monthsary together. Well, we never really celebrate monthsaries so I guess there’s no big deal about it :D So as a weekender, we both decided to go to Town to play Laser Tag :D You know it’s not bad to feel like a kid sometimes lol

We barely have photos since the only camera that we have with us were the ones in our phones so please forgive me, again, for the lame photos in this post.

I don’t know if this is a good feature but I just wanna flaunt my new scarf which I got from the Super Sale Bazaar last Friday. Hoho I’m totally inlove with the fabric and with the print as well! :)

An up-close encounter with JM De Guzman LOL no. This was taken while we were waiting for the game, Lazer Tag, to start. Honestly, it was quite a lame game coz we were the only ones inside. Literally. Battling against each other. Nyaha. It could’ve been more fun if there were more players inside but we were just so impatient to wait for more kids to play with us.

Anywho, here’s what I wore yesterday.

The sun was at it’s finest yesterday so I opted to wear something summer-ish. Also did a bit of color blocking by pairing my orange tank top with a yellow scarf. Failed to feature the accessories and shoes though.

I know, next time, I’d definitely bring the camera with me.

Orange tank top and Necklace, Forever 21 | Shorts and Bangles, Super Sale Bazaar | Watch, Fossil | Scarf, random shop | Gold Glittered Shoes, |

Forever 21 <3

4 Mar

No. I wasn’t wearing anything from F21 in this post. It’s just that I’m celebrating my 21st this year so hence the title :) Anyway, I didn’t plan on doing anything that special coz I thought of giving my leap-year-baby sister a blowout :)

Since my birthday fell on a Monday, I started it out working in the office. Nothing went really special until my team surprised me with this


Okay. I know this doesn’t look presentable but it was, before I ate all the meringue on top. Hoho Thanks Team Cronies kahit umaalog alog tayo sa office nun :D


After office, I rushed all the way down because ze hangry (Yes. Angry + hungry) boyfriend was already there. There he gave me this bouquet which I failed to capture with my camera :s

Since I was craving for Banapple for such a long time, we then headed to Ayala Triangle to munch on these


Yes, we both ordered Lasagna Rolls and Banoffee Pie :D My forever favorite!

After eating like a horse, we walked all the way to Forever 21 for the 2nd part of my birthday gift from the best boyfriend evaaahh :))

So that’s the rundown of how my birthday went :) And before I end this post, let me show you what I wore.


Took this photo after trying on my birthday purchase at F21 :D Sorry I had to do this coz I didn’t have any decent outfit shots that day. Lame as it sounds, but yeah, I forgot the camera at home.


Thanks Mimi for this! :D Just nvm my messy workplace hihi :D

And for the highlight of this outfit,


My DIY birthday shoes which I also posted in this blog :) I love how almost everyone liked it :)

Again, I apologize for the quality of the photos. I swear to produce more decent ones in my future posts.

I would also like to take this chance to say thank you to those who greeted me on facebook, twitter, and BBM. Sorry for those who texted but didn’t receive any reply :D

So there, argh. I totally suck at ending my posts. So til next time! :)

23 Feb

Let's Get Thrifty

This week we will cover three methods to creating your own sheer maxi, two of which are sewing involved and a third that is a “hope you get lucky finding a sheer skirt with a lining” method.

This post will deal with the former 2.

METHOD 1: Make a super simple sheer skirt. A chiffon would work nicely, or a soft lace. I found this knit crochet lace on clearance at Jo-Ann Fabric.

1. I didn’t use a real pattern for this, unless you consider a rectangle a pattern. The length is the measurement from my waist to my heel. The width is twice the measurement of my waist plus 5 to 6 inches.

2. Sew the two sides together so you get a tube.
It kind of reminds me of the martian muppets from Sesame Street. Yip yip yip yip:

3. To take in the waist a little, sew…

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From lousy to classy.

19 Feb

Honestly, I’ve been eyeing on so many glittered pumps and platforms since the year started but I had to prioritize so many things that I had to set aside my love for shoes. However, this didn’t stop me from getting one coz idk, I’m never good at getting rid of temptations :D Yes! I now have a “new pair” without  paying through the nose :)

I’ve initially seen this idea from Laureen Uy’s blog and I found it totally convenient and adorable so I decided to make my own.


I got this shoe a year back from my Aunt in Japan and I’ve never worn them since then because I felt like it’s never gonna make any outfit rock. Plus, it’s a size 6 and I’m a 5. I know there’s a big chance that I might be like Cinderella if I’d wear this but I’d take the risk anyhow.


Here are the things I bought last Friday for this project. Actually failed to get a new brush so I just grabbed my old Calligraphy brush which I used in my Mandarin class back in college :D


First off, I mixed the glitter and the glue.Image

Painted the mixture on the pair and sprinkled it with some more glitters just so I won’t miss on some spot.

Finally, after the messy process….ImageImage

I swear this is never gonna be the last time that I’ll do this :)




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