BTS Girls just wanna have fun :)

9 Mar

Here are some of the behind the scene photos last Tuesday. Apparently, my colleagues and I dressed up for our long overdue Lookbook photo shoot thing. Inggit sa mga boss eh :)) Anyway, the photos are still raw and I don’t know if we’ll still have it edited or something, but I will definitely blog about this over the weekend:)Image


Direk/HMUA Mickey on the go!:)


Hi Juls!:)


L-R Nhykie, Jinky, Mickey, Apple


From lousy to classy.

19 Feb

Honestly, I’ve been eyeing on so many glittered pumps and platforms since the year started but I had to prioritize so many things that I had to set aside my love for shoes. However, this didn’t stop me from getting one coz idk, I’m never good at getting rid of temptations😀 Yes! I now have a “new pair” without  paying through the nose:)

I’ve initially seen this idea from Laureen Uy’s blog and I found it totally convenient and adorable so I decided to make my own.


I got this shoe a year back from my Aunt in Japan and I’ve never worn them since then because I felt like it’s never gonna make any outfit rock. Plus, it’s a size 6 and I’m a 5. I know there’s a big chance that I might be like Cinderella if I’d wear this but I’d take the risk anyhow.


Here are the things I bought last Friday for this project. Actually failed to get a new brush so I just grabbed my old Calligraphy brush which I used in my Mandarin class back in college😀


First off, I mixed the glitter and the glue.Image

Painted the mixture on the pair and sprinkled it with some more glitters just so I won’t miss on some spot.

Finally, after the messy process….ImageImage

I swear this is never gonna be the last time that I’ll do this:)


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